Arysta LifeScience CEO visits Calli Ghana

Arysta LifeScience CEO visits Calli Ghana


Diego Lopez Casanello, Arysta Chief Executive Director, visited Calli Ghana on the 19th of April with Hildo Brilleman, EMEA BU Head, as well as Guy de Froberville, Head of West and Central Africa.


The team visited Mr Laquaqe at Otwe in the Suhum district in the eastern region, to have a look at the practical performance of Banzai on the cocoa field. They walked through the farm, comparing the Banzai field and the control field (field without Banzai), to see the differences between them.

At the office, the team met Kara Marine, Stewards Manager W&CA; Florent Clair, Cocoa Manager W&CA and Richard Biney, Stewardship Officer in Ghana. They had a full presentation of Nguso papal and learnt about the regions covered, the number of farmers trained and the impact it has in the nation.

The aim of Diego Lopez Casanello's visit in Ghana was in the first place to meet the team and secondly, to understand the business statement of the compagny but more importantly to also show the way forward for Arysta.


  • In his speech, Diego Lopez Casanello talked about Arysta Group, the growth and the Group challenges in 2018. He also mentioned the fact that Arysta has grown faster than its competitors, not only from its sells products, but also from its sells solutions. Some programs such as Nguso Papa, dedicated to help the farmers in performing better at the end of the season, allows Arysta to make the difference from its competitors. Diego Lopez Casanello also insisted on the awareness to offer innovative products in the market.
  • Hildo Brilleman added to be proud of the work team made in Cocoa in Ghana. He also talked about his visit in a Banzai trail (Demo farm) with a commercial farmer, recognizing that it is a difficult market, but that Calli Ghana has a winning program despite their disadvantages in the value chain.
  • Finally, Diego Casanello, Hildo Brilleman and Guy de Foberville expressed their honour to came to Ghana to meet a valuable team which has an strong impact on the country.

After the introduction and motivation speech by the CEO’s and the Business Manager, the team was able to answer some questions. The answers had been forwarded that same day to the management.