SPAIN: Acramite 480 SC, new acaricide for greenhouse horticulture

Last week, in Almeria, in front of more than 100 attendees, Arysta LifeScience presented the new authorization for greenhouse horticulture obtained for Acramite 480SC, its latest-generation acaricide that has been marketed for a couple of years ALREADY on outdoor crops.

Acramite 480 SC is a selective contact acaricide that manages all mobile forms of sensitive spiders, and is also active in egg-controlling on Tetranychus species.

According to Rafael Pérez, Marketing Director of Arysta LifeScience in Spain and Portugal, who presented the product, "During 3 hours after the application of Acramite 480 SC, the mobile forms stop feeding and become hyperactive. After 3 or 4 days, they start to die and after 7 days the optimum efficacy of the product is reached." Pérez also stated that "between the 7th and the 8th day after application, we will find peak efficiencies with a mortality of 95-100 % of mobile forms".

Respectful to auxiliary fauna and to pollinators, Acramite 480 SC also has the advantage of its safety period of just one day.

Acramite 480 SC incorporates into greenhouse crops an active substance never used before, bifenazate 48%, belonging to the carbazate family, of which no cross-resistance has been recorded. This makes it an important tool for managing resistances in integrated pest management programs.

To add to the intervention of the Marketing Director of Arysta, José Catalán, Specialist in Integrated Pest Management of the IVIA, explained how to carry out a good management of the tools that we have available for a good integrated control of mites.

Finally, Irene González, Crop & Biosolutions Expert of Arysta, made a brief tour of the portfolio available to the company for crops in the area, highlighting Vacciplant Max, biological fungicide of natural origin, or the new range of physioactivators.

After, a lunch was offered during which the attendees could continue discussions.