UK & IRELAND: New amino acid growth stimulant has been launched named "Calibra Carbo"

Calibra Carbo combines the protein building properties of amino acids with the increased nutrient and water movement properties of GA142.

In doing so, seaweed extract GA142 accelerates the transfer of the amino acids through the plant, reducing stress and boosting photosynthesis.

Arysta LifeScience Product Development & Technical Manager for UK & Ireland, Don Pendergrast said: “What makes this product stand out is its dual mode of action – the two molecules working together to provide an enhanced performance.

“Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. By providing ready-built amino acids, the plant can build protein more quickly and overcome ‘pinch points’ of stress.“

“This is then boosted further by the addition of GA142 which speeds up the movement of the amino acids through the plant by improving rooting and therefore water and nutrient access.”

18 different vegetable amino acids form the basis of the Calibra Carbo formulation, as well as nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and the GA142.“