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24 May 2016

Arysta in Slovakia offers now expanded portfolio of seaweed-based brands

To improve the efficiency and performance of modern agriculture techniques and reduce the impact of chemicals in the environment, Arysta LifeScience has developed an innovative technology based on seaweed extracts.

With more than 40 years of experience in research and development in biostimulants, Arysta LifeScience provides several products across the globe.

Recently, Arysta LifeScience in Slovakia registered three major seaweed brands: ROOTERTM, ZEAL® and BM 86®.

ROOTERTM is a root system growth stimulator for cereals and oil crops based on Physio Activator Technology™ with addition of P and K. Check the article to learn about this innovative approach to agriculture.

ZEAL® is a biostimulant dedicated to corn that improves the effects of soil fertilization, higher crop yield and improved quality. It stimulates plant growth at the vegetative stage and activates plant nutrition pathways resulting in more-effective uptake of nutrients and water from soil. It also maintains good nutritional status of corn at the stages crucial for yield development.

BM 86® is a biostimulant that secures and increases fruit setting, and improves the quality of fruits and vegetables, leading to a marketable yield increase.

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03 May 2016

Arysta Lifescience Iberia at Expolevante 2016

The 13th Annual Expolevante Exhibition trade show was held in Nijar, Spain, in early May. During the event, the Almeria horticultural sector shared its latest developments via more than 120 booths.

Arysta LifeScience Iberia participated in the important meeting and, together with its distributing company, Megasa, presented its broad portfolio of products, highlighting the ProPlant and Pyrus fungicides, as well as the insecticide, Daskor.

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01 May 2016

Platform Specialty Products Corporation Appoints Diego Lopez Casanello President of its Agricultural Solutions Segment

WEST PALM BEACH, FL., January 5, 2016 - Platform Specialty Products Corporation (NYSE:PAH) ("Platform"), a global specialty chemicals company, announced today that it has named Diego Lopez Casanello President of its Agricultural Solutions segment.

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01 Feb 2016

Arysta LifeScience Licenses Proprietary Immunoprotein Biopesticides from IPP

CARY, N.C. (March 9, 2016) – Arysta LifeScience recently signed a licensing agreement with the Institute of Plant Protection (IPP) granting Arysta LifeScience exclusive global access (excluding China) to certain protein technologies of IPP, one of which already has been successfully commercialized in China.

For more than 10 years, IPP, part of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science (CAAS), has been developing a platform for selecting, identifying, quantifying and patenting plant immunity inducers derived from fungal pathogens.

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